Whats up!? My name is Matthew Stedman, just about everyone calls me Matt (except my mom when I've made her mad). I just started working for Intercom at the Chicago office.
Before coming to Chicago I lived in UPSTATE New York, I have to emphasis upstate or else everyone thinks I am from NYC (There is a whole NY state not just NYC).
I just graduated from Syracuse University... Yes the College with an orange as a mascot 🍊

Otto the orange is awesome so don't hate!

Other things I am all about are missions trips. I am heavily involved in the building of a boys transition home in Guatemala. This video is actually from the last time I had gone. 

The Land we are building the home on is at the base of a volcano 🌋 (Don't worry it is not active).

I love Traveling and trying new things! if you want to see more of what I am all about check me out here.

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