How Conversation Ratings work:
What we have built is a simple survey that will ask customers to rate their conversation. This question will be sent automatically the first time you close a conversation, and works across both our messenger and email. Your customers can rate a conversation by clicking on one of the five smiley faces in the email, or the link they see in the messenger. From here, they can add a comment to give more feedback on the rating they gave.

On your side, you will be able to see any feedback your customers gave in Insights. You can see the total ratings your team received per day, the ratings each of your teammates has received, and also see the details of each rating and additional comments your customers have added. 

How to enable Conversation Ratings:
To turn on this, you can enable a new option called Conversation Ratings in Messaging Settings. Once you enable it, we will begin collecting feedback for you straight away and your Insights will update each day with any ratings you receive.

Here’s how this looks in the messenger and in email:

When your customers click on a reaction, they will be asked to give more feedback on this page:

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