There are a few different ways to share your documents with a landlord or listing agent once you have completed them:

Sending via Email

You can enter the agent or landlord’s email address in the box beneath your completed documents at that says “Send your Zumper rental documents”. You will want to make sure you are entering the email address associated with their Zumper account in the email field.

Requested via Email

A share notification will appear in the middle of your dashboard if the landlord or listing agent requests your documents via email. When you are done generating the documents, be sure to select the “Share” button in the middle of your apply dashboard to grant the landlord or agent viewing permission of your documents.

Application Link

You may be sent a personal application by the landlord or listing agent. This link will prompt you to generate and share the documents directly with their Zumper account.

You can manage your shares in the “Manage Shares" section on your apply dashboard. Documents have only been successfully shared if you see the name of the landlord or listing agent appear in this section.

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