The question page is the page loaded everytime a user access a question. just like in the example bellow :

You can customize it through the customization panel, essentially the question content is loaded through Shopify/Liquid in a similar way to the other pages.

Objects and Variables

A small guide to what can be accessed through Objects:

  • .name : Retrieve a String with the full name of the question;
  • .answers : Retrieve a Long String with the text;
  • .category : Fetch the parent category to the specific question and returns as a object ;
  • .id : Identification number of said question;
  • .url : URL Slug text starting imidiately after the domain;
  • .votes : Sum quantity of feedback votes;
  • .feedback_url: used in the feedback form, more details here;
  • .positive_votes : positive votes quantity only;
  • .negative_votes : negative votes quantity only;
  • .answer_sample : A tiny piece of the question text, 90 first chars;
  • .long_answer_sample : A small piece of the question text, 350 first chars;
  • .related_questions : Returns a list of question objects with similar location;
  • .published_date : The complete date of publication (hour included);
  • .last_updated : The complete date of the most recent update (hour included);
  • .is_internal : Boolean value returns true if the question is indeed internal;
  • .author_first_name : The autors first name;
  • .author_last_name : The autors last name;
  • .tags_name : A list with the tags for the question;

Basic Structures

Fetching the Text:


Looping through Related Questions:

{{for related in question.related_questions}}
    ...{{related.url}}... {{}}...

Feedback Form:

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