With Custom Inputs on your knowledge base, you can better assist your customers that are looking to contact you. For example, if they performed a search, and are now on the contact form, you can request custom data, unique to your business; Such as: their phone number, or Account ID, etc.

Adding Custom Fields To Your Contact Form

To insert custom input forms to your contact page go to, we need to open up the Customization panel, and click Contact Form, in the left. Once you open up your contact form, you'll see a bunch of fields. Here's the the step-by-step procedure (#3 is the most important part, as it contains the naming convention used with the inputs)

1. To create new input field, create div with class field under last div with that same class (place it under last <div class="field">)

2. After that add title of that field. We will use full name field and title in out example

Full name: 

3. Than create actual input field to let visitors to enter their name

Full name: 

And there you have it! Now your contact page has another field, full name, which will surely help you with further communication with client.

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