If you have either our Engage or Learn products, and you want to reach out to your customers manually or automatically, this guide will help you create better messages. Email and in app messages are great ways to engage and learn from users of your product. Anyone can create targeted messages in minutes.

Then you just select whether you want to send your message in-app, or by email, and then it’s time to craft your message.

Ways to format your message

With Intercom’s composer, anyone can create personalised messages that look great, with speed, confidence, and ease. It’s quick to style your text, insert images, and easy to add a call-to-action - all with a few simple clicks. What you see is what they get.

Here's a list of ways to format your message to look exactly the way you want:

  • Format text by holding cmd + i for italics, or cmd + b for bold (Use ctrl for Windows).
  • You can add H1s, H2s, links, and more by simply selecting a piece of text and the options will display. Here you can bold your text, italicise it, center it, or turn it into a H1
  • To create a bulleted list, just type -, +, or * and then hit space.
  • To create a numbered list, type 1) or 1. and hit space.
  • Any URL you type will be automatically converted to a link after you hit space at the end of the URL
  • Adding images is easy. You can drag and drop them into your message, or add them using the + icon on the left of any content block.
  • Tip: If you're including images in your messages, make sure that they are wider than the minimum width. For Small Announcements and Chat, that's 262px wide. For Big Announcements your images should be wider than 498px. If your images are bigger they will automatically scale down to fit correctly. If they are smaller however, they will not automatically stretch to fit and so may look wrong. Image title
  • It's easy to add calls to action, videos, and social sharing buttons by clicking the + icon to left of any content block. 
  • Adding HTML is only possible when creating emails. You can't add custom HTML to in-app messages. To add it to your emails, just select the + icon on the left of the your content block and select the "Add HTML" option. 
  • You can also import your own HTML if you want to send emails using fully customized email templates. Just select the 'Important HTML email' option in the lower left corner of the email composer. 
  • Adding attributes to your messages is easy. Just select the arrow icon to the right of any content block, and select the Standard attribute, the Custom attribute, or the Event attribute that you would like to include in your message.
  • You can even add attributes to your links. For example, if you wanted to link each user to their company settings page, and the URL was www.yourappname/settings/, you can add to the URL from your list of attributes. 
  • You can also add attributes to HTML blocks. To do this you must manually type the attribute syntax testNote: To include attributes with fallbacks within HTML attributes, e.g. href or src, please use single quotes for the fallback text as using double-quotes creates invalid HTML there
  • To create a new line within a content block, hit 'Return'.
  • You can create a new content block by hitting 'Return' twice.
  • To delete an image or a video, just highlight it and press backspace.
  • To delete a button delete all the text in it, and then press backspace once more.

Note: if you want to automatically messages to visitors of your website, check out this guide.

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