Yes! Zoosk has helped people from across the U.S. and the world connect and fall in love. From couples like Aynah and Francisco from Las Vegas, who met on Zoosk and now have two beautiful children together, to Gemma and Simon from the UK, who went on a first date and ended up spending the whole day together—Zoosk’s love stories are as sweet and unique as the couples who meet through our service. Check out a few of our Zoosk couples below, then visit the Zoosk blog to read the most recent stories.

Manny and Lyneida
“She was like a rock for me. Something that gave me hope to live on.” Manny and Lyneida’s love story started on Zoosk. Since then they’ve survived cancer together, inspired love songs, and been happily married.

Kelly and Ryan
“Ryan had just activated his account and less than two hours later I had messaged him… His blue eyes just took me! Thank you Zoosk... you found me a true country gentleman.”

Tessa and Jake
“Me and my boyfriend met on Zoosk in January 2012. In May 2013 we bought our first house together. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted a dog so we decided it was time to welcome our first puppy into the home. Her name is Zooskie.”

Mike and Kristy
“What started as an errant message from time to time became several texts throughout the day, which then became all night instant messaging sessions until the first light of morning. Kristy and I are to wed in two weeks and my excitement to be with her is the same as getting that first wink. ”

Jessica and Frank
“I met the man of my dreams on Zoosk. Since we have met our lives have blossomed into something truly unique and beautiful. I have two sons and he has three sons and together we have our own little football team.”

Lynessa and Donovan
“I read his profile and thought wow. Now, I’m definitely looking forward to the future because we have our beautiful 15-month old daughter and we have our little boy coming in three months... You couldn’t really ask for more and I’m very excited to grow old together.”

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