Your profile photo is usually the first impression people have of you on Zoosk, so it’s important to pick a photo that represents you well.

When choosing your main profile photo, consider these helpful tips:

Use a clear, recent photo
Make sure to use a recent photo that’s clear, not one that’s blurry or out of focus. Also, don’t pick a photo where you’re far away from the camera. Photos cropped to your shoulders work best.

Use photos of only you
Remember, people on Zoosk don’t know you yet so if you have other friends or family members in your photo people won’t know who you are. Use a photo where you’re alone for your main profile picture and use the photos of you with friends or family for your additional pictures.

Be yourself!
Remember that people want to get to know you. If you like the outdoors, try using an outdoor photo. If you have a favorite sports team, use a photo of yourself at a game. Have fun with it and be yourself.

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