Zoosk coins are virtual coins you can purchase and use to unlock and access premium features that help you promote yourself and stand out.*

Things you can use Zoosk coins for are:

Promoting yourself to other members with Boost
If you’d like to grow your Zoosk popularity quickly, you can use Zoosk coins to purchase Boost. Using Boost highlights you in the search results, messages inbox, and Carousel of other people.

Unlocking matches in Carousel
If you’d like to connect with a match from Carousel, you can use Zoosk coins to unlock his or her profile. Unlocking Carousel matches is a good way to connect with people who have expressed interest in you.*

Buying virtual gifts for other members
If you’d like to make someone feel special, you can use Zoosk coins to buy him or her a virtual gift. It’s a great way to stand out and show that you’re really interested in someone.

Getting delivery confirmations on messages
If you’d like to know when a specific message in a chat is opened, you can use Zoosk coins to buy a delivery confirmation. After your message is sent, you’ll get a notification letting you know when it is opened.

*Both paid subscribers and free members can purchase Zoosk coins to Boost their profiles, unlock Carousel matches, or buy gifts. Only subscribers can use Zoosk coins to purchase special delivery or delivery confirmations on messages. You must be a subscriber to send and receive messages, and to chat, even if you use Zoosk coins to unlock a Carousel match.

Learn more about what you get with a paid subscription.

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