There are a lot of different ways to contact someone you’re interested in on Zoosk. You can use the way that’s your favorite or mix it up to connect with people in a variety of ways.

Please note that use of Zoosk’s features such as sending messages and chatting requires a paid subscription and that both paid subscribers and free members may be required to purchase Zoosk coins to unlock and access certain premium features, such as connecting with people who have shown interest in you on Carousel. Learn more about being a subscriber.

Once you’ve found someone you like, go to his or her profile. From there you can send a message, wink, or send a chat request.

Messaging someone on Zoosk is the most direct way to introduce yourself and let someone know you’re interested. To send a message, simply start writing your message in the white message box and send it!

Winking at someone is a fun way to let him or her know you’re into them. Once you select Wink, a message will be sent to that person that says “wink wink.”

Chat Requests
Sending a chat request is a good way to let someone know you want to talk. Once you select Add, the person will be notified of your request and he or she will be added to your connections so you can start chatting.

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