Zoosk Photo Verification is a process to review and verify that your profile photos look like you. After you’ve verified your photos, you’ll receive a green Photo Verified badge that lets other members know that your photos look like you.

To verify your photos go to the Verification section of your profile. Select Verify Photos and you’ll be prompted to record a short “selfie” video of yourself. After you submit your video, Zoosk’s moderators will review it. Your video will not be shared with anyone other than Zoosk’s photo moderators. After Zoosk’s moderators verify your photo, you’ll receive an email letting you know your photos are verified and that your Photo Verified badge has been added to your profile.

Note that Photo Verification is a tool that we provide to help our members’ interactions with each other, but we are dependent on information provided by our members, and therefore, we cannot in any way guarantee the identity of a member.

If you still have questions about Photo Verification, our Zoosk Customer Support team is here to assist you.

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