You can use Intercom to send mobile push notifications to your users. All push notifications link directly to an in-app message. Once you've configured push notifications to work with your iOS or Android app, mobile push notifications are automatically sent to users for all your replies to conversations.

Messages are counted as Sent once a push notification is sent, and marked as Seen when a user opens the in-app message.

Example iOS push notification:

Example Android push notification:

Manual messages

Push notifications are turned on by default for manual messages to fewer than 10 people, and are sent right away. You can choose whether a manual message should include a push notification here:

Auto messages

You can also send push notifications for in-app auto-messages, however they are turned off by default. These notifications are sent as soon as users meet the criteria you set in your message, even if they're not logged in. So you can use an in-app message with a push notification as a way to re-engage users who have stopped using your app. Note that push notifications are turned off by default for all new Auto Messages.

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