Already an Intercom customer? You can head over to your integrations page and add WordPress there.

If you're new to Intercom, follow these instructions

1. From the install screen in Intercom, select the WordPress integration option. Or just follow this link.

2. Enter your WordPress site URL and click 'Get Started' to begin your WordPress installation.

3. Select ‘click here’ to Install the Intercom plugin on your site.

4. Your WordPress site will open (log in if you haven't already). Click 'Install Now.'

5. Click the Active Plugin link.

6. Once your Intercom plugin is installed and active, your Intercom plugin will appear in your Plugins list.

7. Go back to your Intercom screen and click ‘I’ve installed the plugin'.

8. Next click 'I activated the plugin'.

9. Select 'Copy App ID' and save your changes.

10. WordPress will open again and you’ll get a message confirming that your App ID has been copied. To finish signing up, click 'Save Changes' and close your WordPress window.

11. Return to your Intercom window and confirm that you have saved your App ID in WordPress.

12. Click 'Verify My Intercom Install.' You'll then see a confirmation screen that says that Intercom has been installed.

13. Give your App a name and click 'Start Using Intercom.'

14. Intercom is now set up and ready to go.

Got Questions?

If you have other products you would like to see integrated please send us a note at You can learn more about all existing Intercom integrations and importers here.

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