What is Intercom Acquire?

Intercom Acquire lets you have live conversations with visitors on your web or mobile site. You can send targeted messages to them to help convert them to customers. Visitors can ask you questions, you can reach out proactively, and you can chat to them in real-time in the conversations inbox.

What you get with Intercom Acquire

  • The Intercom messenger lets visitors to your site ask you questions and you can have real-time conversations with them.
  • You can capture email addresses to notify your leads by email when you respond.
  • Individual User profiles tell you who your leads are and what activity they take on your website.
  • View, manage and respond to all chats in a collaborative team inbox where you can assign conversations to teammates and see who’s responding.
  • You can customize the messenger to match your brand and greet visitors to your website in their local language.
  • If you’re an Acquire Pro customer you can send targeted chats to visitors based on their activity.

Step 1: Install Intercom Acquire

Acquire takes just minutes to install on your web or mobile site using a short snippet of Java Script. We support iOS, Android, Wordpress, Segment and Stripe.

Step 2: Customize Acquire for your site

After installing Intercom Acquire, you need to customize the Intercom Messenger for your site. We strongly recommend choosing a colour which contrasts with the colours and background used on your website, so your visitors can clearly see that they can get in touch with you.

Step 3: Start chatting with visitors to your website

Intercom's Conversations Inbox lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website so you can help convert them to customers. The Conversations Inbox is packed with features to help you, such as all their conversation history, what pages they are on on your site, and more. When they become users, you can continue using the Conversations inbox for customer support and you'll see all their conversation and activity history in one place.

Step 4: Automatically send messages to visitors of your site.

Intercom Acquire lets you automatically and proactively reach out to visitors on your website. This is great if you want to engage them in conversation or push them to complete an action on your site. For more information check out our guide on Visitor Auto Messaging.

Step 5: See how you’re doing with Acquire Insights

Acquire Insights show you the volume of conversations you’re getting through with Acquire. You can see how your Visitor Auto Messages are performing and benchmark your performance against other Intercom customers.

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