If you are one of our Early Bird users, you have the option to upgrade to the Early Bird Plus plan. Upgrading to this plan, allows you to enter billing details and gain access to using Payment Gateways. The Payment Gateways functionality has a 1% transaction fee, matching the benefits of our the Caviar plan, getting features like banners, themes, pages, discount codes, advanced customization and a whole lot more. This transaction fee will be collected monthly. The date of the collection will match the date on which you upgraded to the Early Bird Plus plan (i.e if you upgraded on the 5th of the month, this will be the date on which transaction fees will be collected).

The Early Bird Plus plan is otherwise the same in every way and is still free, with there being no monthly cost. Further, if you remain using PayPal as your payment method, you can remain on Early Bird plan and do not need to upgrade. There remains no transaction fees for PayPal orders.

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