When an order is placed on your boutique through PayPal, PayPal's servers send us an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) that tells us the transaction has been processed and whether they have received or are still awaiting payment from your customer.

From time to time, these IPNs fail to send or reach our servers, usually for the following reasons:

1: IPN notifications is disabled on your PayPal account

2: You currently have a different IPN notification url attached to your PayPal account.

To resolve this, you need to do the following:

1: Log into your PayPal account

2: Click Profile on the My Account tab.

3: Click Instant Payment Notification Preferences in the Selling Preferences column.

4: Click Choose IPN Settings to specify your listener’s URL and activate the listener.

5: Enter https://checkout.supadupa.me/ipn in the Notification URL field.

6: Click Receive IPN messages (Enabled) to enable your listener.

7: Click Save.

You now need to manually trigger a "resend" for any IPN notifications that are still pending

8: Now go to your IPN History tab and resend any pending transactions that are currently on the list.

For more info, please see the following PayPal help articles:

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