If you have our Support, Acquire, Learn or Engage product, you will have access to the Intercom Messenger. You can talk to visitors of your website (with Acquire), and to signed-up users inside your product. Once you install it, your visitors or signed up users can easily contact you to have real-time conversations. You can also reach out to them automatically based on who they are and their behaviour.

The Intercom Messenger on your website

With our Acquire product, you can have conversations on your marketing site and other pages where users may not be logged in. (If you have an app that has a signed out state, the Intercom Messenger works perfectly there too). Leads can provide their email address so they don't need to wait around for a reply. If you respond to a contact while they are still on your site, they will receive your response in the Intercom Messenger. If not, we automatically send your reply by email. When a contact signs up or logs into your app, the contact is converted to a user and their conversations and activity history are carried over. (Note: Your number of Leads will not increase your per-user bill).

Talking to your users on your website is possible with our Acquire product. Here's how to get it.

This video shows how it all works.

The Intercom Messenger inside your product

If you have our Engage or Learn product, you can reach out to your customers inside your product based on behaviour, profile and time and have real time conversations with them. And, if you have our Support product, they can they can contact you directly. This video explains how it works:

The Intercom Messenger on mobile

If you have a mobile website or web app...

A standard Intercom install is all you'll need. The Intercom Messenger UI is fully responsive. Just like on desktop, if you have our Acquire product you can track your Leads as soon as they have started their first conversation with you. You can then message them based on who they are and their behavior.

If you have a native app...

You'll need to install the iOS SDK or our Android SDK. With our SDKs, you can track everyone, even unidentified users. So our SDKs fully support apps that don't require users to log in. You can make these users "identified" (e.g., if they later log in). This will merge all conversations and user data from the unidentified user into the identified user.

You can of course still use the Acquire product to talk to your customers on your marketing website.

Here's a video explaining what you get with the iOS SDK.

Ready to get going?

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There's more to come...

We'll be adding lots of awesome new features over the coming months, so watch this space.

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